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2012-12-25 21:43:42 My sister and me at Christmas Thank you, I was writing this on my iPad (in notepad) so after I finished it looked huge. But hopefully this was a good starting block and the next part, will be much longer and will be a lot Sexier. Hopefully those who read this will return for part 2..... Have a great Boxing Day people
2012-12-25 22:29:34 My sister and me at Christmas Thanks all for the comments.. Since I'm new at writing I may make a few mistakes but hopefully over the cumming (haha see what I done there?) parts they will be more solid? When I said white shirt I meant dress shirt, the really expensive types you see about, maybe that's where I should elaborate. Now after I've got the start out of the way (the start is the hardest part in my opinion) it can only get better... And the next part should be out tomorrow, maybe the 27th. Goodbye, thanks and enjoy your holidays
2012-12-26 15:36:22 My sister and me at Christmas Thanks people I expected a lot of criticism... Sorry about the question marks, I'm gonna sort that out, rather newbie errors. Bye guys
2012-12-28 14:53:42 My sister and me at Christmas Wow I'm very happy by the amount of people wanting a next part.. I've been pretty busy but should be late today or tomorrow
2013-01-01 18:09:38 My sister and me at Christmas- part 2 To some of you, I live in England... I do not claim to be English. English is my second language, but having lived in England for over half my life I class myself as English. I've never read Megan and I relax and have no Intention of copying others work. The father died and there is (how one of you said) no question how he died........ This will be built on in the next part, but if my father died I would leave how until another day. Considering this is my story, I feel you have no place to tell me my own feelings