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2012-09-22 05:15:42 he sais that abt his age because he's younger than 18 but keeps it secret because of pervs and assholes like you so give him a slack and let him write what ever he likes,since the site allows him why the hell not? Plus it's good practise so keep writing and don't listen to them,take the critisism as long as it's constructive and have fun writing :)
2012-10-13 01:32:29 The Librarian - Part 2 hey :) I just read the sequences,been a while since I logged in :P thank you for mentionning me and still is an amazing story,truly best I've read in every way :) keep it up :D
2012-10-13 01:59:35 The Librarian - Part 3 simply amazing :) best series yet :D
2012-10-13 02:24:00 The Librarian - Part 4 amazing story,once again Bravo!! Keep it coming and think about what I pm'd u? Thanks :) keep it up :D