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2012-08-19 06:45:16 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 31 A Star Guides our Souls Sgt J. Thank you for sharing what I believe to be your personal experiance of life with us. Fortunately I was not involved with the war in Vietnam, but friends of mine were and they all returned badly damaged mentaly, and from your biography I can well underestand why. I agree with Dan's comment in the last four lines of chapter 31. You have certainly helped me to understand the emotional and physcological damage that you and others have suffered. Your story was so life like that despit me being 70 years old most of them reduced me unashamedly to tears. I would also urge you to take the advice of earlier commentators to consider publishing your story, if not for yourself, do it as a help to others in the same boat, or in your case perhaps better put in the same trench.

As Dan said, " My deepest and utmost respect goes to you Sgt.J. as well as my greatest thanks." Harold.
2012-09-22 05:38:12 From the heart You are truly one sick animal, and I suggest you seek help quickly.
2013-02-12 00:43:08 The Judgment of Sgt. J "Chapter 2: Darkness closes in on Kay" I find Kay's story very moveing. Us men have a lot to be ashamed of in the way we have treated women for our own ends. I am glad for her that she has met and married such a fine man as you Sgt J. Yes I konw you have shared your demons with us much to your credit, but perhaps those demons have helped bring both of you closer understanding of each other. I thinl they call it the school of hard knocks. Please continue the series if Kay is up to it.

Regards. Harold.