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2012-09-18 13:27:43 Ask Me This is GOLD. I am speechless. High five, buddy!
2012-09-26 21:41:24 Victorious: Corrupting Cat part 1 OH MY GOD I HAVE NOT READ THIS YET BUT THIS IS VICTORIOUS PORN? I LOVE THAT SHOW! I JUST WATCHED IT FOR THE FIRST TIME TWO DAYS AGO AND I ENDED UP WATCHING ALL THREE SEASONS BACK TO BACK! I'm gonna love this porn. Reading now. Will review when I'm done.
2012-09-26 21:42:01 Victorious: Corrupting Cat part 1 Oh wait, nevermind. I just saw it's female/female. I can't get turned on by lesbian stuff. No dudes no wetness. *sigh*