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2009-03-20 08:42:05 "Katie knew what was about to happen. He was going to fuck that cock in her cunt the way her older brother had fucked her two year’s earlier. "
I thought she was a virgin?
GREAT story anyway
2009-04-20 09:38:17 Amanda's Erotic Itch When does the manager tell her about the security cameras the store has? AND WANT PAYMENT TO KEEP IT QUIET?
2009-05-28 08:44:42 Kareren HUH? WHAT? YA DID WHAT TO WHO?
Tough to follow your story-PROBABLY was good?
2010-07-05 10:23:31 Just Me And Her What were the rubberz 4? And the word is spelled "TONGUE"
2011-11-27 15:31:59 Two week vacation part 1 Spell check would help story abit.