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2012-08-25 17:41:05 Revenge is best served blonde Prt. 2 Hey guys thanks for the feed back! I am currently working on part 3! I'm about half way done and it should be done in a day or two. The more time I spend on the story the better they seem to come out. part one was rushed, two was better, and hopefully 3 will be just as good if not better.
2012-08-28 16:01:26 Revenge is best served blonde Prt. 3 Secrets Thanks for the comments and support, working on part 4, don't worry we arn't done with the mom. Sorry to those of you who might not like the smaller amount of sex so far but more will come. Trying to build a strong story
2012-09-11 21:11:58 Revenge is best served blonde Prt. 4 Eyes on the Prize Sorry guys I had a broken computer but I'm back on working on part 5 :) I'm excited for it. And I hope you all like it too
2012-09-27 15:43:30 Revenge is best served blonde Prt. 4 Eyes on the Prize It's been a hell of a month. Apologies for the late story, been working overtime and haven't had time to write. Writing sex stories is a secret hobby i have to keep on the DL. i promise I will actually conclude the story of Zach or at least I will close it with an ending even if it leaves room for another story later. Somestory wrote the 3 evil sisters story and a few others an never finished them and I love his work and I am not knocking him in anyway but I know what it's like to be left hanging by a story so I will try not to do that.
2013-05-24 00:39:33 Revenge is best served blonde Prt. 4 Eyes on the Prize It's been a long time, and I've had a hell of a year, I had written part 5 and 6 but lost them due to computer crash. No excuses tho I should have kept you guys updated more, I am officially writing part five now. I know there is a lot of anger but this is a secret part of my life that I didn't have time for and I honestly had no clue this series would be so well received! I'm so flattered and blown away by the reaction. So thank you for all the support and encouragement and angry comments begging for more. I have a solid idea for a few new chapters but if anyone wants to message me with comments or pm's saying what else you might want to see happen in this story I can see if any of them fit and maybe throw them in the new chapters, I also have a few ideas for a new story all together but I will finish this one first