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2012-08-27 18:24:30 Camp chapter one updated Hi, I sort of like your story, it wasn't the best thing i have ever read but still for what I assume is a first time writer it is pretty good, do have one question for you though, why do you write in a script sort of style? I mean when i read it i guess it reminds me of something i would read in a play
2012-09-01 04:21:38 You took your life because of me! See you don't like the other side of life, the real side, got to remember this whole world isn't rainbows, lollipops and smiles, it's full of darkness, pain, depression, death
you know something, it's seriously funny to me that I dont give two fucks what any of you mere idiots think
2012-09-01 18:49:00 You took your life because of me! I am 99.9% sure that this is part of a story and not some plea for help, If that is what you think this is then I would seriously suggest giving me a reason as to why you would think it is
2012-09-11 03:59:08 My love :( Story, thats genius, i can use this in my new story, add it as a letter the guy leaves for the girl he loves to find :D
2012-09-16 13:47:11 You took your life because of me! I am writing still, not as much as i used to but still..i am going to carry on