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2013-08-04 14:44:54 New Roommate 1 to the person saying i dont deserve your time and say i am ignorant in not proof reading i sometimes struggle with this as i am slightly dyslexic, so please refrain on passing harsh judgement if you do not now the person behind the stories.
2013-08-04 16:09:38 New Roommate 1 thank you for the feed back and i am working on the proofreader bit and parts 2 and 3 are already out working on the next few ones
2013-08-04 18:03:14 New Roommate 3 what i may do is once i finish the seris merge them together and mold it to make one long story im just getting started trying to figure out stuff but thanks for the advise
2013-08-05 18:33:04 New Roommate 5 thanks for the suggestion, im just figuring out how to do it, and i am going to merge all the little sections together so to beef it out and make it flow better
2013-08-06 15:29:21 New Roommate 4 thanks i am adding the first 5 chunks together so i can add more detail and stuff