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2012-09-07 15:02:13 sick day surprise 1st of all lol @ unreabdle <~ XD
and to answer your question yes this consumed our every convo for some time. Pt 2 will go threw the long of the short of it. Should be about 2 days until i post the next one
2012-09-07 15:06:28 sick day surprise but yeah you are right i just read threw it and all my paragraphs are kind of smooshed lol. I will have to upload it differently the next time, my bad
2012-09-08 02:29:42 sick day surprise lol that is how I talk, I'm not an English teacher I'm a student athlete. I'm just posting a real storie for free I'm not looking for a metal or anything silly. As for the violence I just assumed face fucking someone forcefully until they pass out was considered violent but my bad. Alternate ending just for you bud. (I rang the door bell knowing he would run out the back so I circled around and caught him coming out the window. I grabbed him by the shirt and grabbed him out the window, letting him fall to the ground where I commenced to beating him like he was taking extra breaks in the 1850s.) as I said there is a part 2 and this a mixed topic but the cuckold and voyeurism should have been a big clue to what was going to happen. Im sorry if after reading my responce that you don't feel as smart as you did when you left your comment in the first place. Ps I typed this via my ps3 system and clearly mentioned that i didn't intend on it looking the way it does. Thanks for reading =)
2012-09-08 02:32:16 sick day surprise Lol sicktwist, thanks and will do