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2014-06-28 01:02:05 A Game Of Inches - Conclusion - Epilogue I want to thank you for this series, a year ago I read it. I really didn't pay that much to the storyline. This year I read it again reading every line and registering my felings. I cried, laughed, was angry, but most of all I'm inspired to write better stories. I want to read more of your writing but I am not really into true stories, but I am going to read yours. Thank you, Pillow Humper.
2014-07-17 08:42:59 Julie on top, sometimes Your story is so hot i fingered myself to one orgasm. Then jacked myself to another. I also needed my glass dildo deep. Let me, explain me ok; I was born boy looking. During puberty my voice deepened like a guy but I thought it was because I grew breasts until I was shown a profile view of my neck. I still have my 38c breasts and my rock hard 6 in cock.
2014-01-28 11:35:55 Babysitting the Twins Again - Part 2 - Sweet Sixteen Your second installment is just as great as the first but I did notice that you made a couple errors in the girls' names. Sometimes one reading after writing will not prove it. I also made a error like it in haste to get my first two parts published put it away for a week to ten days then read it (slowly) you will notice how you improve your writing with even needing an editor. Looking forward to part three!!!
Pillow Humper
2013-05-28 07:32:58 ARE WE TEACHING THE CHILDREN - OR ARE THEY TEACHING US? - PART 1 Your story has a slight tone similar to mine and had surprised me by how the children were so logical. I posted a story and cut parts out of it and I have received nothing but negative comments or talk that I should not submit stories at all. I since have stopped drinking alcohol which has left my mind more clear to concentrate on making them all reader friendly.
2014-07-25 03:45:20 Raising Chelsea Part 2 I thouroghly enjoyed the first two installments. Please write another installment to this series. Dont be discouraged by negative comments from anonymous readers. This series is more tasteful than most I have read here (including two I have written). I creamed my sweat shorts when I read part 1, I had a tough time but made it through part 2 without the same effect. I really like the stories like yours. Having the exact (real) situation of having to raise a daughter alone. You have a firm grasp on the tough daily situations a single father has to go through.