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2012-09-18 02:08:10 Amariel's Adventures: Chapter 4, The Worst Race Very well done. Don't forget to heal Amariel's body of any damage after those two brothers did what they did. Oh and I do hope she achieves immortality at some point, eternal youth makes an excellent happy ending.

Who is this mysterious elf? Is she her mother or her inner self.

If it's her inner self, I hope she gets to meet her mother (who will feel incredibly guilty for abandoning her) but doesn't forgive her since it was because her mother left her that she suffered so much!

Her elven powers awakening must've flushed out her half-human nature. Congrats Amariel! You're a full elf now. :D
Do they have eternal youth or just prolonged life in your story?

Anyway, I wish you good luck!