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2012-11-23 14:58:48 My father in law Luckily, the story was short enough, so that I've had enough patience to read it all.
In your case, spell checking is a must!
If English is your native language, and you are already in your twenties, than, sorry, but I'd suggest to you to stick to reading, leaving the writing to other folks - don't be upset! Not everybody on this planet has/deserves a driving license!
Personally I'm not an expert - still, I suspect that you are VERY much younger and that the story is just coming from your imagination - if that is the case, dear, please leave this forum and come back when you're legally aloud!
2012-11-23 16:01:31 THE BEGINNING Is this true?!?
Sorry! I don't buy it!...
If it is fiction, no problem!
Apart from the fact that you need some spell checking and some rephrasing, I think that you are on the right track.
2012-11-29 06:18:13 LARA - Just A Teenage Story Honestly, as the author of this story, which is, in fact, just a mirror of what has happened, when I see how many negative votes I get, I REALLY have lots of fun!!!
Ladies and gentlemen! These are just memories!
Do you, or, are you trying to say that MY LIFE WAS WRONG?!?
I'm married, I have a son, so that if I die tomorrow, I should just not regret it!
If you want to read my stories, which are, in fact, memories, OK - if you want to criticize my lifestyle that I've had more than thirty years ago... are you sure that you are on the right track?!?
2012-12-17 01:46:17 ALLIE I shall try to reply in the order the comments have been posted:
- It's quite funny what a huge difference the letter W can make...
- I am Romanian, next time if/when I shall post a story, I'll try to work harder at paragraphing;
- Thanks!
- Thanks!
- Bucharest, Romania
NOTE: I probably will have to mention, from the very beginning that English isn't my native language - although I've been using it a lot in trading, your comments make it quite clear that literature (even porn) is something else.
Anyway, whoever bears to read my stories, must keep in mind that I only write personal memories, not fiction.
Thanks for your comments.
2013-01-03 17:26:12 Chantelle I'm just wondering, how sicko can someone be, to submit a comment, even protected by anonymity, like this one below: "dgds gsg sgsgsgsdgggggggg sfdsdg"...

There should be a solution to erase such comments, really!