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2013-01-03 17:27:55 Chantelle Gosh! I grew old! Or... could it be... Alzheimer?!?

Good work, Gymgirl!
Good luck!
2013-01-06 05:27:57 Eight In spite of the fact that you've mentioned that everything is fiction, the description of the events seems really believable to me - anyway, if you need to protect some people, dead or alive, in what concerns their privacy, then so be it!

I've also enjoyed the way you have arranged the written material, so that the reader, at least in my case, doesn't have to make efforts to follow the text.

Conclusion: Good work!
My vote: positive!

Now, how come that all the negative comments are always posted by... anonymous readers?!?
And... the comment in itself: " i didnt understand the story" ...
Gosh! Such lack of intelligence and/or imagination!...
2013-01-06 06:05:29 Eight - Part 2 Oops!
The site has automatically logged me out!
The comment below is mine!
Sorry for the inconvenience, if any.
2013-01-06 06:59:29 Eight - part 3 I shall start with the last part - Jane's teenage memories.
It's real good to have an understanding and wise mother, especially as a girl...

Now, about the group, maybe it was just me, but, at certain moments, things become too... crowded.
Practically, too many characters, if I may say so...
Still, the description of the events looks very accurate.
Good work!
Good luck!
2013-01-06 07:22:28 GRETA I've read all the three parts, and I've given them positive votes, plus some comments.
Good work!