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2013-01-13 11:20:09 GEORGIE So, finally, what the heck does is matter?!?
The more I try to make things right, this person is doing her best to make them look wrong!...
I'm just wondering... what if I would start kicking her ass, just a little?...
She does have, some weak spots.
Still, I consider myself better than that!
2013-01-13 11:23:18 GEORGIE So, ladies and gentlemen - please read my dark fantasy and keep in mind that it's only fiction!
In rest, just let the loonatics be as they were!...
Honestly, I won't try to make a better world!
So, I just won't comment, no matter what!
2013-01-14 18:11:28 GEORGIE Now, people, please take care!
I do have reasons to believe (To be read that I know!) that GYMGARGOYLE (To be read: Gymgirl) is, in fact, a man!!!
A stupid faggot, way too mentally deranged, who is, in his delusive fictional world, looking for trouble!...
Provoking it!
He just envies the people with normal penises, since he's only got a very little one!
He's escaped from an asylum, legally or not, while, nowadays, his family is trying their best to put him back there, for good!
Now, when the nurses of the asylum will find him, they will find him in front of a computer, voting, anonymously, negative votes towards my story!
Poor useless bastard!
Good luck to everybody!
2013-01-15 02:43:11 GEORGIE See?
What did I tell you?
Just a fuckin' stalker!
2013-01-26 15:37:42 She Comforts me Sometimes, life can be a bitch...