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2012-09-17 23:24:40 Case Study 301: Come on let's suck his man stick together honey i guess i need to go back and start at the beginning but like the girl on girl
2012-10-01 17:23:35 Case Study 301: My daddy told us to push his salty white pee back and forth between our mouths. damn should have started with the sex with the father and the two girls first. cum swapping perfect! very nice want more right away
2012-10-10 03:03:37 Case Study 301: Mr. Bowen let a stream of pee right into my mouth two fathers banging their daughters in the woods nice. the cumswapping was really nice. does mr. bowen shave his daughters little cooch?
2013-04-01 15:21:27 Case Study 301: Now that's what I call a COCK~tail drss Great story, you should seriously consider getting it published one of the best books I have read
2013-09-26 01:06:08 Case Study 301: My first webcast makes me a Star! always to the last to know :( but I am glad that I found out that you're back. I see that most of your fans are happy that you've come back from the dead Jintina. you had me going several times in this one. Keep me up buddy.