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2012-10-25 20:18:29 the great war 3033 part one It's not bad, the base line story has promise, I like it.
2012-11-06 11:29:42 Damn My Sons Cock Is Huge; Part Four people like sex stories as their is more emotion, more story and basically just more... your writing about pure none restricted sex, and if I wanted that, i would go watch porn... Granted your writing ability is good, your have (if possibly) too much sex and not enough story, there has to be a reason to sex not because your horny and he there
2013-03-30 08:49:15 FIre Class: Falling in Love Not bad, In my opinion the love was a bit hasty and the information talent is a bit too strong (access to all knowledge, only a thought away) but its not my story,

Other than that I liked it, I agree with the others about spelling and grammer but you should read some of my first stories, their terrible. Anyway, good luck with the story I am curious to see if you add in the other characters I created and how you make Jamie deal with them.....JWDD
2013-03-30 08:52:57 FIre Class: Falling in Love Also to all those commentors giving you new ideas, where were these awesome ideas on my original post lol..... JWDD
2013-03-30 21:13:55 FIre Class: Falling in Love I wish more people would try and have a go at my stories. in a weird way I kind of like being quoted, makes me feel like a bit of a celeb. anyway currently writing the ending to fire class, and I freaking love it. over 200k words from start to where i am now, and the stuff posted is about 50k words so theirs ALOT of new stuff. also been working on some new stories about cyborgs and I have been continuing on with my MORFS story in my spare times when I need a break from magic and sci-fi