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2012-09-26 17:04:47 Kasey's Awakening Lol ty princess
I'll write one specifically for you
2012-09-26 17:12:10 Kasey's Awakening Sorry bud I'm not into pedophilia
Maybe check out another site considering this site reports pedo stories?
2012-09-26 20:11:29 Kasey's Awakening Lol everyones so serious about a sex story. Go check out local elementary schools to get your fix you dumb fucks. If you don't like it don't read it. Go jack off to kiddie porn in mommas basement.
2012-09-26 20:14:15 Kasey's Awakening For everyone else, i hope you enjoy it.
2012-11-06 20:24:36 You WILL be my princess! Lol grammar nazis attacking allover baby love your story ill see you Thursday