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Hello everyone. My handle is Anonymous525 and I am here to better this worlds stories and hopefully leave a better path for future story tellers. In real life I am not a virgin and let's just say my past girlfriend taught me allot. I am into a very wide range of stories and my fetishes are many; some normal and some just plain sick. Fortunately for you that allows you the fact that I am a story writer in real life allows me to be many different people. I do make a little bit of money on the side doing computer work and solving Technical Issues so some of my themes may sprawl from that. I do take requests, but keep in mind that I am very busy with other projects so (though I'll try my damnedest) I may never get to them. My age is closer to 21, but I will not reveal it here. I kind of want people to try and guess who I am (Cali Residents). If you figure it out tell noone but me. I will give you a major hint: I leave MANY clues in all of my stories as to what my identity is. Subscribe/check back for more great stories. I will try to post 2 or 3 every month, but I won't guarantee anything.
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