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2012-11-11 16:54:34 Very moving and so much convincing detail, lovely
2012-11-19 05:31:16 HELEN - Gone Skiing I like this story, and the way you can't resist her lol
2012-12-06 12:20:20 Wheelchairs, Teen Pussies, and Fun Haha what a great story.
2012-12-15 15:56:16 Marie's Christmas Haha wonderful. I love the realism with the dodgy self-esteem blending into the action-packed fairy story, and the way the magic has limits and a rationale. Totally great.
2013-01-03 16:13:19 Chantelle I must apologise for having set this one to members-only voting; unfortunately someone who disagrees with an argument I've been having has been voting down my stories to get back at me anonymously.

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