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2013-01-13 10:02:32 GEORGIE I haven't been voting Ovid, tho I have now obviously. Lots of people vote rape stories down, look around.

No surprise your abuse is sexist, is it? But you are someone who sees nothing wrong with writing a fantasy in which you RAPE a girl who is your friend. And then YOU are aggrieved when she doesn't like it! Arrogance doesn't cover it. Nor insensitivity nor stupidity. All three to an absurd extent...possibly

And then when I criticised you, you added the nasty ending and published it, to get back at me.

A fantasy is something you wish for. Unobtainable (luckily for me) but desired at some level.

Not quite sure about verminous, tho I see his point. Anyway tags don't change what it is. Weak, is my first thought. Rape would be the only way you'd get to touch me. So dream on. Dream about how we were friends, and now I despise you. This is quite vile anyway. Disgusting.
2013-01-13 11:05:56 GEORGIE Ovid you should not have have imagined, written or published a story about you RAPIING ME.

Now I realise the punishment sex you describe in your 'true' stories is the real you Ovid. The big man who told a girl you'd hurt her if she tried to defend herself against you. Miranda, I think.

Nobody is going to save you. You can't delete or edit this story in which you rape a girl who exactly fits my description and whose name beings with G.

You should flee rather than continue being my baby seal Ovid; a hapless victim of the disgusting truth. But your arrogance will keep you here I think.
2013-01-13 11:51:33 GEORGIE Haha Ovid look you have the fans you so deserve!

You're going to kick my ass? Sure. All that'll happen is people might look up your stories in the forum and see I was the only one who ever commented. Nobody is going to believe you don't know me so this will simply nail you as a liar as well as the rest.

As I said you are a baby seal here.

You have never tried to 'make it right'. Never apologised or seen you did anything wrong. The only slight chink in your arrogance is the fact that now you're trying to lie your way out of some of it.
2013-01-14 20:15:24 GEORGIE No I am a girl sorry that's such a cheap and dishonest way out Ovid.

Really that abuse is a bit obviously made-up even by your standards!

It is quite revealing, but not in the way you imagined I think.
2013-01-15 04:02:16 GEORGIE Why would anyone stalk you Ovid?