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2014-07-20 20:35:13 My Girlfriends Daughter VERY NICE! I truly am surprised to find a story of an older man obsessing over a young girl who still takes the time to make love to her rather than hurry to get his rocks off using her body.

A Very Good story - I will be on the lookout for more of your stories :)
2014-07-19 16:43:36 The Slut Within: Recovery WOW! You have quite an imagination, and I love your story for it's unique take on Mom-Son themed stories.

You certainly made a tired out old subject into something new and interesting to read.

Ruth be told, there were moments when I felt a little bored but the background details really were a necessary part of the story and were not the HURRIED style of other stories like this found on this forum written on this same genre.

With your unique spin, I would be interested in reading a sequel to this story, perhaps about his (sex)life with CINDY post marriage? Good Story, Please keep writing!
2014-07-14 06:36:51 My Return from College I really enjoyed your story but those many typo's and wrong words just kept snapping me out of my enjoyment of your story.

Please fix these mistakes... and the other reader is right -you need to check your work before you post your stories.

It is a tragedy to see such good work made to look bad with such trivial proofreading efforts.
2014-08-11 17:19:03 If you win? - part 3 Excellent serise, but it is obvious you did't proof-read this one or part 1 because you PASTED a second copy of the beginning into the middle of those Chapters (parts) of your story.

Please fix and Repost (as EDITTED) - it's a shame no one else will see how good your stories are by these BIG distractions.
2014-11-24 16:31:57 Changing Sides at the Gloryhole 3 - New Limits Art-and-Passion - This was a Good story.. a Good series. I'm surprised I haven't come across your stories before.

I'm sorry to disagree with ANONYMOUS but I didn't see any errors... at least, Not spelling errors - Mind you, normally I hate to see glaring grammar errors, typo's and bad translation errors (or English as a second language mistakes).... but I didn't get hit over the head with such mistakes, this time.

Anonymous reader, perhaps you should cite some examples, next time? I may have missed a few... but I'd still like to know what YOU saw that I didn't?