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2012-10-08 19:12:40 My Daughters Teacher Well there really is nothing more to this story, because it's all true. If I were to add something else it would become fiction. Now if I were to add in there the things I wished i'd done then that would be worth a read....but I wanted to keep it honest. Online dating is fun and easy if you need lots of sex like me. I can't say i've ever been with a family member, but it sounds like fun.
2012-10-15 11:50:08 Pipe Crew IX These are quite good. I will be interested to see if you can keep us all interested with ever more taboo experiences. Good luck friend!!
2012-11-04 11:31:19 Pipe Crew XVI These are very good stories. You should keep them going as long as possible though i'm sure you could be running out of ideas. Perhaps more group stuff or involvement with the Mother.
Anyway you do it, keep em coming, i'm addicted!!