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2014-07-04 00:32:16 My 14 yr old sis likes it rough...Chapter 2: Rain Hey people I know its been a long ass time before I last posted a story. My life's been busy with more moving and new friends. I might post a new story on here eventually but I've been taking commissions from people and getting paid to write stories for them. Here I don't get anything so...idk...maybe I'll post something soon.
2012-10-08 22:23:27 A 100% TRUE story of how I had sex... Hey guys, just submitted part 2. Thanks!
2012-10-09 07:42:41 A 100% TRUE story of how I had sex...Pt.2 Wow, can't believe I got all these reads...anyway, the final part 3 will be coming sometime in the evening today. Thanks!
2012-10-10 00:48:17 My Wife's Friend That was fucking stupid.
2012-10-10 00:54:23 taken out from under me Yo did your balls drop off? You tell that bitch off. Don't let her make your life a fucking hell.