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2012-10-10 16:31:41 A 100% TRUE story of how I had sex...Pt.3 Yeah it does seem like it, doesn't it? Actually, my mom leaves once a month on monday nights. She goes to a friend's house were they have some bible study or some shit like that. That happened to be one of those nights in my story, so you can imagine my luck! My sis and I have to be really careful these days, though. it would suck if my mom went in my sister's room and found she wasn't in there, then went to look in my room. With the door locked, I'm sure my crazy mom would put the pieces together. So we don't have sex as often as we like, but the first monday of each month is really exciting because we're garunteed a night of undisturbed sex. ;)
2012-10-20 20:08:16 A 100% TRUE story of how I had sex...Pt.2 I still can't watch porn on my iPod because of my mom (again). She told me I could only have an iPod if I agreed for her to disable Internet Surfing on my iPod touch. So I can't even access any kind of internet on my iPod. Fucking sucks. I swear, as soon as I can leave my home I will. It's a nightmare here, aside from the fact that I've got a hot sister to fuck. :D
2012-10-25 18:38:54 A 100% TRUE story of how I had sex...Pt.3 Don't write anymore? Hey, you faggot, I'm sure I can write a lot better than any shit you could put on paper.
2012-10-25 18:41:39 A 100% TRUE story of how I had sex...Pt.2 Ha ha you fucking idiot. It doesn't matter how long a dick you have, it'll slap your stomach. Tell me, how long is your dick? Because I was wondering if you could stick it up your asshole.
2013-01-10 15:59:31 Sex With Slenderman If you click on my author name people you'll notice that I did in fact write this story a few months ago. You people can be such dumbasses.