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2012-10-09 16:06:26 Feeling My Daughter: Part Two As a writer of 100 plus incest stories on another site (I only found this site in the last couple of weeks) I thought I'd respond to your initial comments. That you're only 18 is quite surprising, as you seem to have a very good handle on what you're doing and what you're writing about. If I can offer a bit of advice, read the comments with more than a grain of salt. Judging from this story, if I were you, I would never listen to criticism unless it is from a friendly source. Keep a thick skin. As far as those criticizing in spite of your stating upfront that the story contains incest, I suspect there is a group who are deliberately trying to get all such stories banned and criticizing is done to impress the site's moderator. Looking forward to more of your work.
2012-11-30 20:30:32 I would agree that this certainly is a word for word of "Babysat By My Perverted Uncle" by SugarDaddy. However, best to give the author the benefit of the doubt. I say this as an author of about 200 stories that I've posted on a half dozen or so sites, using a dozen or so pseudonyms, often using a different one for the same story. I've even posted on a site under one name, had the story removed for one reason or another and a few years later reposting that same story to that same site using a different pseudonym. So it's quite possible that NawtyOldMan also uses the pseudonym of SugarDaddy. Hell, I see at least one of his stories is copyrighted by renpet, which is another pseudonym associated with some pretty good stories on another site. This certainly seems typical of the younger generation who no longer seem to believe is traditions such as innocent until proven guilty.
2012-12-21 18:42:29 My Cousin Lili (Part 1) (Revised) Sorry you felt compelled to alter your writing to please others. That certainly couldn't have had a positive affect on the story. Looking forward to more; hope you change your mind and write what you feel is best.
2013-01-26 14:07:50 My Girlfriend's Daughter Part 2 Interesting that we both posted an identical titled story with the same theme less than a week apart from each other. I like yours very much and am curious as to whether young Kym is going to stay innocent. Regards.
2013-02-21 08:45:54 DAUGHTERS HORNY URGES This story was posted more than ten years ago as written by Eros. It seems as if only the names of the characters were changed. Is this author Eros under a different pseudonym? If not, it would have been nice if he at least gave the actual author credit.