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2012-10-24 00:46:16 Friday Detention at Holy Submission School Well written, loved the references to school uniforms and panties.
2012-10-24 06:09:42 When the Voyeur Decides to Play Loved thr way you played with the girls through their wet cotton panties.
2012-10-25 03:54:00 Little Dawn chapter eight My girl-friend and I were lying on the lounge reading this, me in just boxers and she in bra and tight little bottle green cotton school knickers. It wasn't long before I was rock hard and Laura's little panties were dripping wet, so much so that when she opened her legs for me, there was a hugh dark stain on them. We spent many hours that night, feeling, fingering, masturbating and fucking each other.
Writing any more???
2012-10-25 06:42:59 AFTER-SCHOOL DELIGHTS Teachers and schoolgirls in uniform - what more could we ask for. I read this with my girlfriend who loves wearing school uniform for me and, after the first few paragraphs, I had my prick inside the leg of her little white cotton knickers. We stayed like that till we finished the story then we fucked long and hard.
2012-10-25 07:01:55 NEW GIRL AT SCHOOL Stories of schoolgirls, school uniforms and cotton panties and schoolgirls masturbating each other do it for me every time.