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2012-10-18 04:46:46 Muse (10) I've read hundreds of stories at this site. To-date, I have saved four of them. For that I feel I cannot bear to "lose".

This is not one of those four.

This story was so amazing, and elicited an emotional response (read: grown man crying) that so few have triggered. I did not save it because I can not bear the thought of reading it again.
In short, it's too good for me to handle a second time.

How fucked-up is that?
2012-10-18 05:55:53 Welt ~ 3 re: Anonymous reader
2011-08-17 20:41:20
How can you even claim that the Latin is off? It's a dead language for we mere mortals; it's still spoken by the immortals in Minus Three's stories.
Languages evolve over time, as Latin would evolve for them. But not for us, since it's dead.

Was it ever established that they are speaking Latin? Perhaps they're speaking a language that Latin is based upon, or perhaps what they're speaking is a a derivative of Latin.

There's just so many logical flaws in your claim that the language spoken by a fictional race of beings is incorrect that I don't have enough space or patience to explain them all.
2012-10-20 03:35:41 a Game of Inches - Chapter Six re: Anonymous reader
2012-08-30 00:10:26
"WTF????? Stephanie...why?????out of all people."
Psychology, man. The two women he cares about have both hurt him. What he needed was non-committal friends-with-benefits sex, and he got it.
Nobody got hurt, neither of them had any false expectations of a relationship and both of them wanted and enjoyed it.
It also may have helped him with the healing process. He was able to have a sexual encounter with a woman who didn't hurt him emotionally. Jasmine was borderline- she didn't hurt him, but there was some disappointment regardless.
2012-10-22 18:47:16 In Riley's Arms: Part 5 re: Anonymous reader
2012-07-16 11:52:40
"besides her getting hurt throughout the whole thing a fantastic story"
It was necessary. The whole thing with Dean had to happen, or she never would have appreciated Riley. I'm not sure she does, even at the end. He does everything he can for her, and she's not really done anything for him.
Riley's an awesome guy. I try not to compare myself to fictional characters, which is good... I can't even begin to measure up. He's been going out of his way to help her, protect her, and make her feel welcome long before he had a romantic interest in her. She's taken him for granted until two things happen. First, she had Dean to compare him to. Second, she started to lose Riley, also because of Dean.
What is Dean never happened? What if she hooked up with even a halfway decent guy instead? Would she ever have left him? Would she and Riley ever have hooked up?
Dean is the epitome of the term 'necessary evil.'
2012-11-05 18:02:27 The Night My Girlfriend Really Tried To Fuck Me re: Anonymous reader
2012-10-12 15:18:27
" just for withholding sex from him"
No, it was a chastity belt forced on him against his will. Don't you get it; there are serious ethical issues any time you do something to someone else's body against their will.
Do you also approve of rape?