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2012-12-07 04:15:39 Monster Lab I'm giving this a positive because it's a really neat idea. Personally I think it desperately needs non-consensual elements, I'm a sucker for realism, but this was a pretty good short.
2012-12-07 04:40:54 Monster Lab 2: Bloods Thicker Then Fear "she had never had a cock of such size inside her ass before.
She nearly came immeditly."

Kills it for me... totally unrealistic.

You can do real forced orgasms and girls submitting to their power and still keep it realistic...

Still a positive. I love the monsters and idea. Should have consensual sex tag though, somewhat misleading.
2013-07-14 05:12:20 Monster World 1 Tags are misleading, I didn't see much Horror rather consensual sex and enjoyment. On the other hand interesting world and story, sex scenes need more realism though. positive rating.