Comments from Norton5

Date Story title Comment
2013-03-01 21:19:35 A River in Egypt Great story. Quite a bit of effort and skill displayed here. I'll probably have to start downloading your stories and dissecting them to see how I can make mine as good.
2013-03-01 21:27:51 Good Golly, Mrs. Mommy! Excellent story! Awesome new writer! This site just got a bit more interesting (not to say that it wasn't interesting before).
2013-03-08 00:26:46 MInding Others, part 1 Very good twist ending for this first part.
2013-03-08 00:29:18 Minding Others, part 2 This is a great second part.
2013-03-08 00:33:04 Minding Others, part 3 Really good series. Enjoyable third part.