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2012-10-20 14:01:38 MY BITCH IN NEW ORLEANS Sorry Anonymous reader that you doubt our story. I'm sure the guy who participated with us thought the same thing after he left. I know we did. It was an amazing escapade. That's why we wanted to share it with the world.
2013-01-31 01:13:31 My wife and I and Dave That's what friends are for. To be there to fuck your wife or girlfriend when you want to get your freak on. I love watching another man cum inside my girlfriends pussy. Good story.
2013-02-01 02:21:50 True Story: I Fucked For Money Loved your story. Wild and dangerous is great foreplay. I liked that you got your orgasm too. My story is similar to yours. It's on this website under True Stories. The date is 10-19-12. The title is MY BITCH IN NEW ORLEANS. Let us know what you think.