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2012-10-26 02:48:19 the great war 3033 part one thanks for the advice i will try to change that on the next one
2012-10-26 08:40:44 the great war 3033 part one thanks the only reason my my grammar spelling and punctuation are shit is because I've got dyslexia
2012-10-26 08:41:05 the great war 3033 part one but thanks for the kind world i will be reposting this one to fix all that
2012-10-26 14:08:51 The great war 3033 this is the same as the first one just forgot to put revised im starting the second one now i will probably be up tomorrow or in 3 days time as im having problem with the word and how to word it
2012-10-27 07:49:05 The great war 3033 thanks for the kind word dino im wirting the next one now im just taking a break to think up new things and i will keep things posted on how its going