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2012-11-14 04:04:25 the great war 3033 part 3 thanks dino i did have problems with that the last one threw and though i will try to keep that in mind
2012-12-09 16:26:09 The Greatwar 3033 Part 5: Jack find something out the next part will be up soon problem in the next week or so, this one is going to be longer and prob better then the other 5
2013-02-17 10:30:11 Mages practies sorry what do you mean by ryan.bc
2013-02-17 05:36:47 Mages practies Anonymous reader
2013-02-16 22:51:18 English is my native language, but i was typing this on my phone so some of the words and punctuation would be wrong, and wolf_knight (great stories loved the modern mage series, it the one that got me hooked on writing) thanks i well try and ask first, and not do the post first ask questions later type deal
2013-03-08 18:47:25 The Greatwar 3033 Chapter 1 Part 7 Jack have a new friend ya sorry about that I've got great ideas, and can put them down on paper, it just trying to get the idea across that i have trouble with. if you really what bad have a look at my first post them come back and read this one again and tell me the differents. (as i know my first one was just down right fucked bat shit), any way im getting better