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2012-11-27 19:42:44 Aunt Alison: Part 1 Note from author:

Part 2 is coming, I cant give a timetable when though. About the repetitiveness, I've had comments on other stories (not on this site) that said I wasn't "detailed" enough and needed to "extend the scenes" so you get what you get. About the comment saying that it was turn-off that I killed off grandpa..."The only
medicine she thought would help would be a visit to the family she had missed so dearly" was the line right after it, explaining why that element was necessary...and really, if killing off a character that minor prevents you from reading, I don;t want you reading anyway. I've written ALOT nastier stories that would offend the majority of you (again, not on this site. I'm sure they would not be allowed anyway [search my name on asstr dot org to see what i mean]).

Thank you.
2012-12-01 17:39:34 A Gift for Her Father Notes from the author:

First off I apologize for the format, it was fine when I copied it and it will not let me edit it so there is nothing I can do about it. Sorry.

Abouth the father changing his stance so quickly, I dont write consensual stories that often (unless the involve celebrities, which is the bulk of the story plots and even then I do celeb rape stories more often) so I am still learning on how to properly pull off reluctance. Same deal with the person who said "make it longer, have her feel the sensations", I will improve in future stories.

This story was not like others I've done where I plan out and take my time. I literally wrote, edited and posted this story in under 3 hours. I don't usually do that, but I wanted to get it done when it was fresh in my head.

To the person complaining of incest...die in a ditch
2013-08-01 02:53:26 Aunt Alison: Part 1 Part 2 has been started but I am currently stuck on where to take it next and I have about 110-15 celebrity stories in my queue so I cant give a timetable as to when it will be posted but I will try my best to get it done
2013-08-04 07:41:32 Mountain Misery "sick retard" is not the worst thing I've ever been called so if that was meant as an insult, then you fail. Also, you were the one who clicked on a story with 'snuff', 'rape' and 'violence' very visible before entering the page with the story on it. What did you expect? Kittens and puppies frolicking through a field of sunflowers...that sounds enchanting and all but not for a porn site.
2014-09-25 19:08:46 Aunt Alison: Part 1 Yes I'm still alive. I've tried writing part 2 several times but has always come out worse than part 1. I'll keep trying to get it right but my main focus is on celeb stories now