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2014-01-25 02:16:36 Chace McCartson - Part VI (Second publishing attempt) New chapter to be posted next week if everything goes as expected.
2012-11-03 21:48:12 Sweet Little Sister First of all, thanks for the comments, specially the constructive ones.
Second, as I've said to you guys, I knew I would make mistakes, but I'm really new on this site and I don't have someone to proof it for me. If anyone have interest in doing so, I'd be really grateful.
Third, I've never read something like this here. Tell me the title if you can and where I can read it cause the theme really interests me. Also, if I notice that the story is really alike I'll send a message to the author apologizing. Plagiarism sucks and I hate it.
Again, thx for commenting. Private messages are welcome too. See ya.
2012-11-04 06:42:59 Sweet Little Sister Hi, thx for commenting.
I'm using MS Word, but some error are still passing through. I'll try to get better for part 2, but without knowing exectly what went wrong it's kinda difficult. If any of you guys want to receive a copy of part 2 before I release it, just marking in red where the errors occur I'd be really glad, and I could let you join the creation of the stories or ask for something to happen on the scenes - since it matches the story - as a gesture of gratitude. Any interested please message me.
Thx again! A2O
2012-11-06 14:26:24 Sweet Little Sister Finishing part 2 today, it must be online tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for the support guys.
2012-11-08 06:59:23 Sweet Little Sister - Part 2 Hey guys, thx for the compliments! I really like the way this is progressing, as most of you got my idea: I'm not good enough writing in English to make someone read it just for my writing. I write for the story and, as long as I'm being supported, I'm not stopping. Part 3 will show you guys that there's a lot more to come. I'll approach every single sex topic I can remember into this very story as soon as I still have a good number of readers and votes, so, buckle up and enjoy!
Thx again, A2O.