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2012-11-16 18:47:05 High School Hell part 2 I do apologize. I forgot to say CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. When you only say "It sucks" that doesn't help me to improve the story.
The two comments about it being too short were helpful. I had not realized the story was so short.
I will be writing another story, a different one, and I ill try to make it better.
One of the reasons my stories may lack large amounts of description is because I haven't had any real sexual experience.
So, again, I apologize.
Seriously though, constructive criticism.
2012-11-17 12:49:29 the day i found my son fucking me Whoa lucky kid.
I think detail would have led to better comments from the anonymous readers.
2012-11-17 13:33:51 Lucky bastard getting to bj before finding out its his sis. I have constant fantasies about my sis but would never do anything.
2012-11-17 13:43:50 Dude that sucks. Fuck you fate!! Enjoy it as it comes man. Was there protection back in those times?
2012-11-17 13:52:04 Being a dude I can totally see how you forgot about sis. Seriously though woman say all these things mean something completely different and then get mad when are monkey brains dont get it.