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2012-12-28 15:29:45 my wife rides another guys cock Yeah, sorry about the lack of paragraphs. The shitty part is that my wife and I have been talking about it for a while and then the guy blows his load too quickly. We should have asked him stay and fuck her again but he cruised before we thought about it. Here I was thinking that I was going to watch her in a bunch of different positions, etc and its over before I knew it. :(
2012-12-30 13:36:33 my wife rides another guys cock I cant wait to try it again. Now that we kind of know what we are doing this time. The big thing for us was, would we really follow through with it or not. I think that we were both thinking that the other one would chicken out at the last moment. And we definetly need to be ready if the guy comes fast. That probably sounds like a no-brainer but when this guy orgamsed, he stood up, took off the condom and split. And then we did not do anything. It ended just very quickly. Well, I guess this is why football has a preseason! :) As soon as he walked out the door, my wife said "I knew he was going to come fast".
2012-12-30 14:41:08 my wife rides another guys cock My wife said "I swear he almost went off at least three times when I was giving him head. Thats why I had to keep stopping. The last time, I was about 99% sure he was going to cum in my mouth. Thats why I asked you to get me a condom." I said, "well maybe next time, just let him blow his load in your mouth and then fuck afterwards?".
2013-01-02 08:49:10 my wife losses her virginity My wife is a good looking woman who did not marry me until she was 35. Of course she was fucking before we were married. Good looking women are not sitting around knitting. Good looking women get fucked a lot. And my wife got fucked a lot. :)
2013-01-02 08:51:30 my wife losses her virginity She sucked my cock on our first date. And and I doubt it was because I was irresistible. She just likes sucking cocks. Oh yeah, and riding them too!!!