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2012-11-11 19:16:17 When two Arab guys used me as their toy i agree with the previous comment. anyone who'd encourage more young boys or girls to admit to themselves that they love some hard anal pounding and speak out against the politically correct feminists shoudl vote postiive to this video and other forced sex videos on this site
2012-11-24 23:31:41 When two Arab guys used me as their toy To the last commentator on 2012-11-24: I'm glad my story could inspire you to do the brave thing you did. I'm also sure the young guy appreciated this experience as much as you did, even though he tried to push you back because of the initial pain. It's a litlle bit like jumping into iced water and then get up into a warm sauna or jacuzzi: the pleasure you get in heat is multiplied by the fact that you were in the cold water in the first place. I also hope that more guys like you dare to take the step to ACTUALLY try non-consential sex. There are many young boys out there in gay bars and saunas who're waiting for you, to get the ride of their lives. And YES, you'll notice who is a submissive bottom. And NO they will not go to the police if they've been in a gay setting, like a sauna or club/dark room. They're there to fuck! They're just waiting, like I'm eagerly waiting for it to happen again, but there are just too few of you out there who dares to live the dream of creating that magi
2012-11-24 23:35:20 When two Arab guys used me as their toy ...and Anonymous reader who made the comment on 2012-11-24 23:04:44, if you read this could you please send me an e-mail. I would really like to speak to you!!!
2012-11-25 00:24:07 Black men fuck real little White boys One of the best threads I've read. I'm white, blond with blue eyes. I have a girlfriend but my life wouldn't be complete without A BIG DICK!!!" I agree that nature intended us to love a big black dick in our asses and mouths and WE LOVE IT once we've gotten it! Yes, I want it ALL THE TIME! For example, tonight I'm on my way out to a club in town just to get my gradifacation. But I think the most important call in your story is to the blacks out there. They need to learn how to be pro-active in finding us, little shy white boys, and banging our Lilly white bottoms out! I've written a story how I was forced to brutal sex by two Arabs in a dark room. But I've never been conquered by a black ALPHA. It's always me who has to seek them up. Sometimes I'm reluctant in gay bars and at dating sites because of the enormous size of their cocks. I don't know if I can handle it in my tight ass. But then it would be good if they just imposed themselves and did to me what I want: to be fucked and used