Comments from Von Armand

Date Story title Comment
2008-04-27 08:11:58 My summer Boss 6 Yeah, maybe sooner, I'm almost done. But I have a ton of school shit I have to do soo no promises.
2008-05-26 15:48:29 Internship at AS&S - Chapter 1 Awesome, I find it hard to believe this is your first story, the writting is phenominal. Your girlfriend is lucky. Please continue the story, but be sure to keep close to the original theme/concept.
2008-06-27 20:58:58 Horny Little Women Fantastic writing!
2008-06-30 15:24:34 My good friend Brook chpt 2 You have a good thing going here Q. All you need to do is slow down and use a spellcheck. You have the beginnings of something very entertaining here. Oh, and this one seemed a little disconnected, make sure you watch the flow of the story, try not to jump around too much. But again, it's a fantastic start, keep at it!

Von Armand
2008-07-03 22:30:43 Megan At Last : Part III (Conclusion) Overall, damn fine work. It's just something about the diologue that throws me off, but I can't put my finger on it. Whatever, I'm sure if you keep it up it'll resolve itself. Again, nice work.