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2012-11-16 01:38:37 Sisters By The Pool Thanks for the comments everyone. This was my first story so I am still feeling my way around. I didn't realize mentioning cock size was so bad, so I will refrain from doing so in the future. I am planning on writing more, different stories, but thanks to the feedback, I'll make a part two of this. Thanks all!
2012-11-16 18:02:27 Sisters By The Pool Part 2 Those A's aren't supposed to be there. Something happened in the transfer. I've emailed the website.
2012-11-22 01:59:23 Sisters By The Pool Sheesh, I didn't realize how much damage the size thing does. It has been remedied in all other stories. The funniest thing though (for people claiming to know) is that all of my stories do have a partial truth to them and the size isn't an exaggeration. Some people are lucky. ;) Thanks for the comments though!