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2012-11-19 12:55:47 My Friend's 43y/o kinky Mother (Fixed Formatting) Despite my best efforts there formatting issue remains. That is why you see those 'A' characters in the story. Check out the version I posted on Li terotica instead. There are no problems with that version. And you will also find parts 2 and 3 of this serieson that site too. My apologies. I tried to sort the problem of formatting on this site but couldn't. I emailed the admin on this site to ask them to delete the story. I will republish a corrected version when i finf out how to do it. My apologies.
2012-11-19 14:04:59 Becoming The Favorite (Formatting Fixed) Hi balloonanimal. I sent you a pm. I need your help. I posted a story and when I viewed it I noticed the formatting error with the 'A's where the apostraphe's should be. The same problem you first had when you posted this story the first time. I want to do what you did and publish a 'formtting fixed' version. How do I do it. I tried to publish it a second time, manually deleting all those 'A's where it allows you to edit before you publish on this site. But again the errors are there. How do I fix it. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you. Lovely story by the way.
2012-11-19 16:24:51 My Friend's 43y/o kinky Mother (Fixed Formatting) To the person who commented above my last comment. The story IS MINE, the formatting errors happened because i copied and pasted from the original word document on my pc. The version on Lit erotica that i posted under the same user name along with part 2 and anothr story are ALL MINE also. Don't spread malicious lies about me as an author. I DO NOT copy anybody elses work. I have put alot of hard work into this story If you continue accusing me of this I will report you and block you.