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2012-11-21 12:39:37 Under the bleachers with Tony I love gay stories! This didn't take long to get me wet! Good story!
2012-11-21 12:51:43 Being inside of Jake Please write more! That story was awesome!
2012-11-21 13:43:56 Science Can Be Fun Aw i remember when this happened to me in science.(i'm a girl) me and my bf did an experiment on how sex changes moods. Very fun experiment! Got an A+ on it too! write more stories dough!
2012-12-05 19:40:05 Me and James in our tent I luv gay boys! This story didn't take long for my pussy to get wet! :)
2012-12-05 20:07:44 MY FIRST TIME WITH A BOY i remember the first time i made a guy cum. i just kept on sucking his dick till i tasted something salty and sweet. but now to get him to cum faster, i just have to massage my boobs. ;)