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2012-11-22 03:13:52 Owning a Dominant Bitch - Complete Jimmy's dad is awsome. Great story!
2012-11-22 21:05:54 Blackmailed Forger Great story, loved the about having your cake and eating So, keep writting and forget the skydiving o_o
2012-11-24 23:36:13 Paladin, Paladin Where Do You Roam Really liked this story and how you portrayed LJ as the real type hero and ladies man! Gotta love men like that :)
2012-11-26 00:23:01 Judith, Will and the bear skin rug Uugg...I was just signed out when I posted this and didn't know it...but this was my post...*blushes*

I just love a happy ending, especialy this one for what your wife went through with her marrage to your brother and also you loosing your brother to the war. No matter how bad his actions were, loosing him like that is very sad and I'm sorry for your loss. But I'm happy for your family now and what it has become.