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2012-12-05 16:12:47 Becoming a single mom If this is a true story as advertised, you should find it sad and disturbing. When a woman says "NO", she usually means it, and even if she doesn't mean it, you need to pull up your pants and walk away.

I hope suesinglemom will feel like writing some sexy stories, sometime down the line.
2012-12-05 16:34:35 From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 9 Proof reading would have helped a lot. Horny people don't speak in long sentences in real life. I suggest writing the story in MS Word or similar program, and then copying and pasting it into the form here. Spell check helps, but it isn't to be relied on, either. Keep after it...and good luck getting laid. All you have to do is ask, and you'll soon be full of hard dick. :)
2012-12-07 19:41:28 My Neighbors Ch. 5 Oh, my! It makes me wonder just how common it is for humans to have sex with critters. I couldn't see that females would do it that much, but men, they're devious and nasty, and I could sure believe that happening. I might have to try writing a story about that! :)
2012-12-11 13:58:25 caught by my cousin` Hahahaha! I tried to post a comment and it said my comment "contained bad words". It's gone...and I can't think of any "bad words" that were in it. I guess "fuck" isn't a bad word?
2012-12-11 20:17:09 Slut at sixteen. Part #1 A well written and erotic story, in a tawdry sort of way. I felt sympathetic, yet got a big wet spot in my panties. Thank you! Please write the next chapter, ASAP! :) Kath