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2012-12-29 21:26:43 My Indian Fiance I'd really appreciate a comment or some feedback from someone if at all possible. It's kind of disheartening that nobody has anything to say, not even to tell me that it was complete crap.
2012-12-30 23:41:50 My Indian Fiance Sorry, wasn't logged in for that last comment. Damned server time out.
2012-12-30 23:43:27 My Indian Fiance 2 Thanks! It's good to hear things. And we'll see. I don't think anal is going to be a huge part in this, but it can definitely make some appearances. I'm thinking about a bit of voyeurism and making her let me have control, no matter where we are.
2012-12-31 13:20:35 My Indian Fiance 2 Will do. Should be coming by the end of the week I hope. It only takes an hour or so to write a chapter, it's just a matter of having he initiative to write instead of play Xbox.