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2013-02-14 16:10:35 I wish I could just delete this now. It seems, at least from my perspective, that the admins aren't doing such though... Any one?

Editing, I know for certain they won't because they have ignored me for over a month now... All over trying to edit some very minor grammatical errors in my last two stories.

They are the same story! So now, not to mention this third exact same title, that is only a blank page! It just looks messy now... Any admins? What happened here? Because I've tried and tried emails.

2013-02-15 07:01:53 Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part Two You know just because you don't like the story OR me in particular doesn't mean you have to resort to the juvenile act of sabotaging my other stories.

Give me a reason why you didn't like that other one AND show me some stories of your own!
2013-02-15 07:09:40 Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part Two You don't have any, so voting mine negative relieves you of your jealousy... or whatever possible creepy thing you got going on in your life. SO all power to you, asshole!
2013-02-15 00:42:10 Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part Two Thanks for that

Maybe it'll help now that I'm not loaded on Absinthe, which was the inspiration for this story

Your dickhead cynicism is always welcome though, I believe in constructive-- yeah whatever
2013-02-15 00:47:30 Thanks for the reply admin!

The mess should be cleaned up soon.