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2013-02-16 00:26:08 Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part Two Well, Part Three is something to look forward to!!! Hell Yeah! Somehow both Lanny and even Norma get pulled into the mix of an extremely hot anal session! !With a girl I manage to bring home with me no less!!! -- How I Scored With The Male Classes Wet Dream!

Sorry is I offended anyone. With the exclusion, of course, of the anonymous reader who wants to criticize with a pride that feeds an ego probably in need of constant attention; and surely not even an authour himself.
2013-03-26 00:14:54 Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part Two Scott overreacted. I agree, this story was very poorly written, requiring me to stop and reevaluate my style.

The reason he is so upset? All of these are taken from an actual journal of sorts that he himself has dubbed his very own "Chronicles".

How much of these accounts are true and how much is not? Truthfully some of these start out as fantasy while others are mostly true. So, I am taking the lot of them and 'attempting' to blend it into a single canvas. Which, after starting on this, I am at the very least certain that every single girl in these "Chronicles" is someone from his life, regardless of what actually happened. Bringing me to thank you for all of the positive reactions that there were for Affairs Of A Family In Sin. It meant a lot to me as someone just starting out, really I'm honored to get such a high rating on this site! As far as story went though, I really didn't have to come up with a single thing for myself... It was all already there!
2013-03-26 00:22:22 Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part Two Making it a very well as arousing story to write. I'm hoping to keep the bar that high for the rest of them.

Which...having talked to said Crazies over my little hiatus -- pleased with Lanny's story -- they have allowed me to keep on and tell the rest of it. Though they deny any of what I write as truth, in fact blaming Scott fully for all of this... However, fortunately, he is fine with that. ;)

I've been converting the journal in the meantime and I'm pleased to say it's coming along sexily. I hope to keep my standards of writing as satisfactory as said story and hopefully never again as bad as this one... Thank you for reading as well as putting up with our -- stupid rants... (Wait, hope this isn't one of them...) Look for the next story, on it's way!
2013-03-26 00:42:07 Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part Two The next one we have been building up to this whole time!! That was the whole reason behind this trilogy and the tragedy that was its second part... I'll be publishing it once it's ready and yes it involves Lanny. Though Norma IS in it, nothing happened with her that day as her and Scott we're still in the experimental stage at this time.

Also whether or not you can guess it for yourself, part one of this trio was a very true story! Alright that's all until Part 3... See ya
2013-04-15 01:08:26 don't tell mom the baby sitter gives head (intro) Nice build up and especially story, I'll be reading more. Though...this ones climax was a little rushed.