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2013-03-06 16:30:25 King of the hill : the sexual adventures in the ally Huge blocks of text are a difficult read, even thought I was interested in the story. Break things up into smaller bits and make sure that each person gets a new paragraph when they say something. "I said" new paragraph..."they said" another new paragraph, then "I said again" yet another new one.

Keep writing, Bobby and Con Jr need to get past the hand holding stage from the tv series.
2013-03-12 19:49:50 17:09:38- You are correct sir, this story is, in fact, horrible; that's why I included the warning at the top of the story. The horrible nature of the story is why I needed to get it out of my head.

It is unfortunate that most of this story it a fictionalized version of things that have actually happened in real life. It IS fortunate, however, the the perpetrator was caught and is serving a life sentence.

11:46:23- Its okay if you don't believe stuff, that's your right. Fortunately for me, your belief doesn't have any effect on my world at all.

Since I'm fairly certain that you are an author on a website that I use to post on, and your stories actually suck ass like a black hole with a mission statement, I'll just relegate you to the 'don't give a fuck about you' file and move on with my life.
2013-03-14 22:13:16 What a load of crap! You must be so fucking bored to write shit like that, you...saddo.

There, I fixed that so it was actually in English. Except for that last word. I have no idea what a 'saddo' is, and I'm quite sure that I don't want to.
2013-03-14 23:37:12 Thank you to all those who commented on my story (even the doofus who can't spell).

Something I forgot to mention in this re-posting: Anna (not her actual name) is a real girl, she is a friend of mine who has made it clear that if my wife had actually left me, as she did in this fictional story of our lives, she would be on my old ass like stink on shit.
2013-03-18 21:59:14 The Perks of Being a Wallflower with a Huge Cock, Parts I thru VIII This is an amazingly good story, good enough to be named one of my 'favorites', something I almost never do. As others have mentioned, we all have an 'Amanda' in our lives and your story brought mine back to the front of my mind for the first time a long damn time. Thank you.