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2013-03-14 23:37:12 Thank you to all those who commented on my story (even the doofus who can't spell).

Something I forgot to mention in this re-posting: Anna (not her actual name) is a real girl, she is a friend of mine who has made it clear that if my wife had actually left me, as she did in this fictional story of our lives, she would be on my old ass like stink on shit.
2013-03-18 21:59:14 The Perks of Being a Wallflower with a Huge Cock, Parts I thru VIII This is an amazingly good story, good enough to be named one of my 'favorites', something I almost never do. As others have mentioned, we all have an 'Amanda' in our lives and your story brought mine back to the front of my mind for the first time a long damn time. Thank you.
2013-03-19 23:16:09 Purw, I hope you brought a towel, because its about to turn into a mutual stroke session in here. I am a huge fan of your work and am humbled by your kind words.

I was not surprised by the results of the first votes, there is an author on another website that I called out for being a douchebag to other authors and now he goes out of his way to fuck with me. I find it fascinating that he spends so many minutes of his life on me: I must have really made an impression on him.

I was quite gratified when I noticed the hit numbers from both postings; even with a count in the low eighties, the first posting still had a healthy response among the readers.
2013-04-03 06:05:48 Any ADULT ladies who like to read my stories can PM me a photo (sexy as you want to be, nudity not required) and a name that they want to be known by; if my muse goes *BOING*, the adult ladies in question may end up as a character in one of my stories doing nasty things and having nasty things done to them in return.
2013-04-18 16:34:04 Oops, I Fucked My Cousin. I deliberately chose to keep their ages vague so that the reader could fill in that detail themselves. I would say that they are somewhere between twelve and fourteen.