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2013-04-18 18:58:23 Oops, I Fucked My Cousin. 18:32:20- Thank you for your kind words. I love to post my stories here, the instant feedback from the comments and the real-time hit counter is like a soothing balm on my tiny little sack, even the 'you ar teh stupids' that some feel are helpful somehow.
2013-05-02 05:37:37 Oops, I Fucked My Cousin. I'm sorry that you were disappointed with the story. If you'd paid anything to read it, I would offer you your money back. But you didn't pay anything, you read it for free. I took time out of my life, time that I will never get back, and wrote a little story for others to enjoy, and given the positive to negative votes so far, most of them did, in fact enjoy it, but you didn't. I wish that I could taylor my stories to fit the sensibilities of each and every reader on the website, but alas, that is statistically impossible.
As for your accusation that I am a pedophile I can only respond that YOU clicked on the story so if that is your criteria for wild accusations, then my response is that you most likely are a baby fucker who is seeking to project your issues on others.
If you'd bothered to read my profile, you would know why I sometimes write stories like this. Its therapy asshole, not pleasure.
In short, go fuck yourself.
Have a nice day.
2013-05-03 19:00:32 Oops, I Fucked My Cousin. Thank you for you kind words about my writing abilities, nice words like that are the reason that I continue to post here, in spite of the...negative aspects...that some 'critics' continue to emit.

I'm curious as to why that particular euphemism for the female anatomy is receiving such a strong negative reaction. As I mentioned earlier, the word is an accurate slang term for the time and place of the story setting. The Seventies was a much more innocent time, all things considered, and youngsters using the word 'pussy' or 'cunt' just wasn't done.

But be calmed, the word most likely won't make an appearance in my future stories because the don't take place in that era.
2013-07-03 01:14:55 It sounds like you've been looking for a very specific story, and you've been disappointed in your search. Tell you what, If you send me a PM that gives me an exact story-line that you want to read, I will write it just for kay. I'll let you read it before I post it and you and I will work on making it the exact story that you want. If it comes out good enough, I'll publish it on the web and give you contributor status in the credits.
2013-07-12 21:55:54 Times in my Life : Part Two This is an amazing story, for a first timer or for someone who has been writing for awhile. The dialogue is a bit stilted sometimes, but it doesn't detract from the overall sweetness of the story. With a bit of editing, I could see this story being published as a 'for pay' story. I wouldn't mind including it in the lineup at Zondar's House of Weirdness.