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2013-08-05 02:20:25 Nurse Nice/Nurse Nasty 21:33:07 Thanks for your kind words. I've spent many many years observing the work of all kinds of medical professionals, and you're right, they get shit on just about every place that I've spent time. As I was writing the story segment, in my head the nursing student had limited experience in a real world setting, but even she saw what was dumped on the overworked medical staff in her section. I'm going to do my best to tell this story with as many accurate medical setting details as I can, but I'm sure that the erotic nature of the tale will force me to...stretch order to get the boners twanging and the love buttons twitching, so please be patient with my twists and turns.
2013-08-15 13:49:36 My Daughters Best Friend Pt 1 A nice story. There's a bit of word repetition (you should find more words for 'pussy', repeating words over and over and over can jerk a reader out of the story. Other than that, it was a really nice read.
2013-08-15 21:46:01 Oops, I Fucked My Cousin. I've tried to ignore this ignorant post since I stumbled across it. I've been told that it does no good to respond to shit like this, and that advise makes perfect sense, but this is just stupid.

Writing IN ALL CAPS just makes you look like an asshole. You clicked on a story about cousins fucking and actually have the balls to shit on it because it contains a story that you deem perverted.

It's a story about cousins fucking, it's right there in the goddamn title! There's no way that this shit isn't going to be sick, fucking your cousin is sick! Them being teenagers who are exploring their sexuality doesn't make it more so, in fact, it actually makes it a bit less fucked up.

As for the 'instant negative' shit. who the fuck cares if you tap a fucking button? Seriously? What, do you think it drove a fucking stake through my heart or something? Get a fucking life.

If people like my work, they'll find it even if it's not on the main page, if they don't being there won't help
2013-08-15 21:49:06 Oops, I Fucked My Cousin. To the people who read my work, but hate it when I lash out at negative shitheads, I'm truly sorry that I couldn't hold it in any longer. I promise to try and ignore the morons in the future. Maybe I'll disable the comments on my stories from now on and post an e-mail address for people to contact me, that way, the story can speak for itself and the asshole haters can just roll their shit into my spam filter.
2013-08-26 22:45:54 Times in my Life: Part Three I really like reading this story. You still have a bit of a way to go on the technical side of your writing, but the story itself is spot on in a way that makes me want to read every chapter that you post. I'm glad that the poor boy FINALLY got to blow his load. Fucker should have been spanking his monkey like it robbed a bank after all that the girls had done to him in the earlier chapters, but at least now he got some fun for himself.