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2013-01-11 22:15:13 The story was continued as a 'next generation' thing in "I Was a Teenage Billionaire (but it was a secret until the second part).
2013-01-14 02:02:44 Hey there, Milf part 3 is up. Go. Hunt. Read. Spank.
2013-01-14 15:09:47 Farm Girl - part 1 Well, you read it, so that makes you a sick fucking cunt also. You probably made a thousand air-babies at the thought of a young girl getting raped and fucking her dog.
2013-01-14 22:03:15 Part Two is now up .
2013-01-14 23:20:53 Yes, anonymous reader 16:53:39, that is the song that inspired this work. I wasn't aware that there was any doubt as to this fact.